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Back To School

I’ve been working with both SME businesses and educational establishments this year, but right now as September approaches it is the latter which I am turning my attention to.

Working with a multi academy trust in Milton Keynes I’ve been able to assist them in a variety of areas ranging from the preparation of documents for external auditors to meeting with their banking partner to ensure the best rate of interest is returned on their accounts. I have also been able to help streamline processes with my Excel skills, working with areas outside of finance.

There will always be a focus on budgets in academy trusts, but by utilising me it is a more effective use of funds than either employing a temp (where you are paying both the temp and the agency they come from) or a junior employee to cover peaks in workload. I can undertake project work, regular monthly tasks or one-off ad hoc assignments so please do get in touch to discuss any requirements you may have.

I have been a CIMA qualified accountant for over seventeen years and I am also backed by the CIMA Member in Practice qualification which I achieved in 2018. Geographically I am based in Bedfordshire but am happy to undertake remote assignments, or those with a small amount of travel if required.

I will be continuing to work with SME businesses as usual so please do get in touch if you have any requirements to discuss.

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